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alexandre m the frenchy SEO Wix France Trainer and Wix expert in Wix website creation, digital strategy for entrepreneurs

wix SEO!

You want to appear on the 1st page of GOOGLE!

with " alexandre m the frenchy " Seo Wix France Trainer


Référencement de sites internet Wix par alexandre m the frenchy formateur SEO expert certifié Wix

This website was created with the Wix ' CMS

Wix Certified Trainer alexandre m the frenchy
Wix Trainer Certification
Wix New York graduate
alexandre m the frenchy expert wix France certifié
"Legend Certified" Wix Web Agency  
the highest level of certification by Wix.
Google Partner certified alexandre m the frenchy

WIX certified web agency specialized in WiX for 16 years

web agency  Wix "Legend Certified"  the highest level of certification by Wix as a Wix Partner Agency for the number of Wix websites created and referenced.

All my clients are on the 1st page of Google

All my customers are on the 1st page of GOOGLE
So what are you waiting for?

Client: Hypno ado in the Var in France

1st page on Google with the keyword : "adolescent hypnosis expert"

Expert hypnose adolescents Jerome Chaillan Var

Anyone nowadays can create a website and this thanks to the Wix CMS (content management).

Naturally then there is website and professional website, visitors will immediately see the difference between a professional website and a website created by a budy guy..



Then once the website is up and once it's online, that's what people don't know, it's not because you created a website and published it online on the web, as Google knows. And no he does not know!


Google crawl, index more than 20 billion pages per day and knowing that the earth's population is 7.7 billion, no can you imagine that is 3 times the planet Earth.

This is why you must optimize your's SEO website once it is created, optimize it for SEO, there will be an "on site" SEO, with a technical SEO, then an "off site" SEO and also a SEO by geolocation, referencing through social networks and many other referencing techniques.


So do you have the time to do all this, but above all do you know how to do it, because web SEO is a hard and long job.


Naturally, like everyone else, you will go and find out about and document on blogs, you will watch tutorials on Youtube, you will go to forums, you will learn from many communities.

Can you imagine the time you will waste looking for all this information?

and even then they will be correct and fair and adapted to your WIX CMS for example.


And why are you going to do all this but quite simply because nowadays,

we all try not to pay and have free stuff and services.


But by dint of looking for free to do things yourself which is to your credit the problem is that when you are not in the profession it sometimes happens, 95% of the time, that it does not work , the results are not there and you are forced to realize that you do not have sufficient skills This is why after wasting so much time, you reasonably say to yourself I am going to call a Wix expert , or a Wix agency specializing in the creation of a Wix website ,

SEO of Wix website and creation of Wix online store.


Especially the error of each at 85% and the most important is the choice of the domain name of your website, your blog, online store, because it will be very decisive before having even started your natural referencing strategy and its SEO optimization, because it is the first indication and information that you will give to Google. You shouldn't choose anything as a domain name, not domain names with numbers in them. A choice of domain name that will relate to your professional activity.

Otherwise, contact a Wix expert, Wix France SEO trainer in natural referencing such

as Alexandre M the Frenchy who will advise you.



Your website created with the Wix cms needs Seo Optimization, Backlinks and other quality external links, or directories, in order to position you on many search engines like Google to obtain a good Wix Positioning and increase your popularity . But an audit of your Wix website will be necessary in order to analyze and understand why you are not showing up in search results on Google or another search engine like Bing.


Therefore an audit will be carried out on how to reference a website :

A check on your Hn Tags, on your meta title, meta description, your URLS and canonical URLS, is your website secure in https, then on all your keywords, if you have any, but especially if your keywords are not too strong competition and therefore you will have a lot of difficulty appearing in search results on Google and at the level of Google SEO by also checking your internal links. And then the most important will be your textual content and its semantic cocoon. Then submit your sitemap and submit your website to Google via the Google search Console.

And also submit your site, blog, online store to all other search engines like Bing, Qwant, and so on...

By working with alexandre m the frenchy, we will do an "initial inventory" of your Wix site, then a "final inventory" together once the work is done. And so you will check all this on GOOGLE by typing the keywords on which I will have your keywords positioned and you will see the result!

All this in order to have a good optimization of your Wix SEO , and of your site if you created it with the Wix CMS for example.

Finally, the user experience of the person who will visit your showcase website, your blog or your online store, won't the site download time be too long, right?


Naturally these days everyone wants to be on the first page of Google at the SERP level in search results because organic search generate over 80% of the market share.

So do you think you can ignore 80% of the market share, it's 8 out of 10 customers who will go to Google to search for information, using keywords.

And not just any keywords, it will sometimes be better to select long-tail keywords, which bring little traffic, but above all quality web traffic, it will depend on your SEO strategy and your short-term goals. and long term.


Because for example if you have stocks to sell online very quickly on your online store, it is preferable to do SEO with google Adwords and sponsored links, you will appear immediately on Google during search result requests on certain keywords that you have chosen, an auction system will be set up with Google on these keywords and a certain cost per click rate on this keyword with a daily budget.

Like for example: "Car service" the cost per click is 8,21 €

So if your daily budget is 16 € with two visitors who will click on your keyword, you will no longer appear on Google.

This is what paid referencing is.

And unlike natural referencing, it will take more time, but if you manage to position yourself on this keyword: "car service" you will potentially appear on the first page of Google. But beware this keyword is too generic and competitive ...

So here are some examples, so if you want to work with the best Wix SEO in France!

Contact me.

Thank you.

alexandre m the frenchy

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